Access to social media in Uganda has been suspended before the inauguration of President Yoweri Museveni.
Access to social media in Uganda was suspended before the inauguration of President Yoweri Museveni.

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In this week’s news, Uganda silences social media, South African gold miners move forward with a lawsuit, and rescued circus lions find new life in a South African preserve.

Social Media Blocked in Uganda

The Ugandan government blocked all forms of social media preceding the inauguration of incumbent President, Yoweri Museveni. Sworn in on Thursday, May 12, this is Museveni’s fifth term as President of Uganda.

Many, both in Uganda and abroad, question the legitimacy of the election results.

Uganda was cut off from social media during the February elections.  The reason for the shut out is said to be related to security issues, although many are questioning why this is necessary.

Miners Seek Compensation for Illness

Thousands of South African gold miners are moving forward with a class-action lawsuit against the country’s mining firms. The miners suffer from a disease called silicosis, caused by miners inhaling dust that contains silica.

The disease causes a wide range of complications, including inflammation and scarring of the lungs, difficulty breathing, weight loss, fatigue, heart problems, and death. The lawsuit aims to provide compensation for affected miners, and to also make conditions better for miners to reduce the number of future cases.

Circus Lions Find Asylum in South Africa

Thirty-three former circus lions from Peru and Columbia have found a new home at the Emoya Cat Sanctuary in South Africa. Workers at the sanctuary say they are introducing the lions to their new habitat and to each other in a gradual, safe way that focuses on the safety of the lions.

The lions were rescued by Animal Defenders International, a non-profit organization, who collaborated with the Peruvian and Colombian governments to rescue the lions. They are now working on laws to prevent the trafficking of exotic animals in those countries.


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