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Africa Agenda is currently seeking 25 Africans as well as 25 African-American volunteers to be interviewed as a part of the Denver Africana Project, a project that seeks to gather stories and ideas in the form of recorded interviews about Africans in the Denver metro area.

The project is a partnership between Maik Nwosu, professor of English at the University of Denver and the Africa Agenda organization. The Denver Africana Project presents an incredible opportunity to contextualize a wide array of stories related to African/African-American migration and diaspora narratives in the metro area. The aim is to bring to light a personal, community-based dimension to our understanding of the African diaspora in the area.

The interviews will be recorded, transcribed, and analyzed by a team of experts. Each interview will last approximately 30-45 minutes, and will be prepared for and conducted at some point between June,2015 and March, 2016. Interviewees will sign a consent form acknowledging that they agree to be on the record and that the results of their statements may be published as a part of the study. The outcome will highlight the accomplishments of everyone involved. The result will be a dynamic online, socio-cultural resource to be hosted by both the University of Denver and Africa Agenda.

We would greatly appreciate volunteers to be interviewed.  If you would like to be considered a subject for this study, please let us know as soon as possible. Please write to us by replying to this email via the address Office at AfricaAgenda dot org, with a copy to Maik.Nwosu at du dot edu  to indicate your interest.

If you receive this email and do not fit the criteria we are looking for, please ignore it. Otherwise, do not hesitate to write back with any questions you may have, and we look forward to advancing this project with your help!

To learn more, please visit this link.


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