Africa Agenda is driven by the need and desire to change the one-sided narrative of African News.  To achieve this mission we do the following.


Africa News Matters

  • Africa News Matters, Africa Agenda’s news analysis website, focuses mainly on the analysis of African news. This involves tracking, monitoring and responding to issues associated with media coverage of the African continent. Africa News Matters is an extension of Africa Agenda.

U.S.-Africa News Exchange

  • Africa Agenda’s U.S.-Africa News Exchange is an initiative to provide the resources, opportunities and tools to assist U.S. as well as African journalists in reporting African news in-depth.


Quarterly Blogger-News Training-Conference

  • Africa Agenda’s News and Blogger training is an opportunity to provide hand-on resources, tips, techniques and tools for would-be bloggers, journalists and writers to sharpen their focus as they report about a content as vast and dynamic as Africa. Cases in point include: Ebola, Somalia. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mail, Zimbabwe

Annual Africa Summit in Colorado

  • The annual Africa summit in Colorado, organized by Africa Agenda, was conceived after the historic U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit hosted by former president Barack Obama in Washington, D.C. in August of 2014. To further explore the ideas raised from the summit and to serve its mission, Africa Agenda partnered with local organizations to continue the discussions on strengthening U.S.-Africa relationships from our own backyard in Colorado.
  • Typically held in the fall (around late October or early November) the program includes special guest speakers, entertainers and table discussions.

Annual World Press Freedom Day celebration in Denver

  • Since 2013 Denver’s Africa Agenda has led the World Press Day celebrations in Colorado. World Press Freedom Day is the day, May 3 each year, set aside by UNESCO to recognize the contributions of journalists and bloggers around the world as well as the importance to internet freedom as a foundation for international development.
  • Africa Agenda’s World Press Freedom Day events have focused on supporting freedom of expression in Africa and what the future holds for the continent in terms of the digital transformation into cell phones, the internet and democracy. According to the organization’s founder, George Bamu, the purpose has been to honor of the many men and women who provide vital news and information to the African people and continent.

Africa Media-News Consultancy

  • Africa Agenda’s wealth of resources and connections to the African continent can serve organizations of all kinds in their relations with the continent.
  • As a News and Media Consultancy our organization will work with you and answer your questions about the continent’s history, politics, economics, culture and society and how all of these fit within the African narrative in the news.

Student Journalism Internships

  • Student internships are an integral part of Africa Agenda’s mission and vision. More than this, mentorship, motivation and inspiration are a part of who we and have become are an organization.
  • Internships at Africa Agenda normally last from 6 to 9 months and include weekly on-site meetings with a supervisor and other Africa Agenda staff members. To learn more get in touch with us.

Best in Africa Reporting Awards

  • Our annual Best in Africa Reporting is an effort to praise those journalists and reporters who have gone above and beyond in presenting the continent in a fair and unbiased manner despite the circumstances.
  • We recognize the best of Africa reporting from media around the world.


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  • Phone: 303-341-1301|Email: Office@AfricaAgenda.org