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The Africa Agenda organization is pleased to announce that it was selected as a community partner for an African Diaspora research study involving the University of Denver Public Good Fund.

Under the subject “Contextualizing African/African American Migration and Diaspora Narratives,” the initiator–University of Denver (DU) professor of English Maik Nwosu says the project is “a focused study, not just an abstract theorization on the nature of immigration of the African and African American community in the Denver area.”

Described as The Denver Africana Project, the proposal characterizes the focus group for the research as one that is “often under represented or misrepresented in immigration and settlement studies.”

The research seeks to put the community into proper context and ultimately “present a study that relates this community to the larger Denver community in ways that facilitate real understanding and productive interaction. “

According to Africa Agenda, the project will begin in the spring of 2015 and take an estimated six to nine months to complete.

As a community partner, Africa Agenda will facilitate meetings, as well as conduct interviews with selected members of the community about their experiences vis-à-vis migration, citizenship, diaspora issues and possibilities.

Nwosu states that a result of the research will be a dynamic online, socio-cultural resource to be hosted by both DU and Africa Agenda. The findings will provide a significant resource, as Nwosu says, for “bridging our differentiated humanity or the (overall) enrichment of our communities.”

About Africa Agenda

Founded in 2004 and formed as a 501C(3) non-profit organization, Africa Agenda’s mission is to promote positive African News through engagement with the community, mass media outlets, leaders and lay people. Since March 2005, Africa Agenda has organized over 200 Africa-related events around the Denver metro area.

Recently the organization held the Colorado-Africa Leaders’ Summit in Denver, an event that was inspired by the historic U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit organized by President Obama in 2014. The Colorado Summit brought together an estimated 100 leaders to discuss opportunities for business, trade and education between Colorado and Africa.

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