If you are reading this blog, you would eventually notice something that I like to say over and over. The point is this, how different are the changes taking place in Africa today. Do these changes make a difference for the future of the continent? Do you think and agree that change has taken place in Africa over the last decade?

If you agree with this, then, change has occurred in the continent as supported by facts and statistics put out by the United Nations, The World Bank and IMF.

If you disagree, then you have to tell us why you think change has not taken place.

I think African governments have taken giants steps in fighting corruption, mismanagement and with reducing occurrences of war and conflict. Democracy has also come to stay in Africa.

This month’s presidential election in Ghana which has led to a run-off scheduled for December 28, is a good example of change in Africa.
So, why would anyone not talk about this and prefer to continue to present the continent in negative terms–as if nothing has moved? Why are many organizations still telling only one side of the Africa story?

This is a question that we need to answer.


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