I don’t think it sounds strange to be talking about what Africa Agenda has achieved this year. What would be strange is not to talk about it at all. So, I have to be honest and say congratulations to our team for putting up with this organization for three years and over.

In summary, we started out in March 2005 and have been going on and on ever since. To say that we have done the things that we have done with little money and sometimes nothing in our bank account is incredible. But with the talented people that we have, the trust and confidence of the Africa Agenda board members, supporters and volunteers is wonderful. One thing I always like to say, which I will reiterate, is that we will either live or survive as an organization not because we have received grants or donations from anybody. As a matter of fact, that is the least of things I am interested in when running an organization even though I know it is what fuels the engines for most organizations.

At the same time, we must stick with our mission, tell our story, keep telling the story about Africa and its resourcefulness and strengths and capabilities in new ways. That is what makes us different and unique. Without this, all the money in the world given to an organization makes no difference.

And for you, Africa Agenda team, thank you for our Kenya Elections Dialogue, thank you for our Zimbabwe Media Forum and thank you for keeping this organization alive and strong.


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