What are they saying and doing about Africa?

The G20
Photo:The BBC

How beneficial is this relationship?

For many years, developed countries have made lots of promises to help deliver health, development and democracy to Africa. Healthcare and economic development are most critical to the stability of the continent.

From the G-20, the G-8, the United Nations, the European Union, the World Trade Organization, you name it, everyone has made and continues to make promises to help the continent of Africa. Critics argue that much is left to be desired from all these promises to Africa. The continent still lags behind in clean water and sanitation, and treatment for preventable diseases .

Why have they not fulfilled many of these promises, is the question that some protesters are asking.

Africa: An afterthought in Global Trade and Economic Development

Protesters and activists are asking for fairness, equality and access in dealings with the international community.
The president of the high profile African Development Bank(AfDB) has jumped into the fray and weighed in on the subject. Donald Kaberuka, President of AfDB, posted the following blog post on the ONE website.

Kaberuka explains why Africa matters in these discussions:

“In my job as President of the African Development Bank, I see the potential of Africa every day. But it is necessary that the G20 see that potential, too -— and include Africa in their plans for a new global economic foundation.”

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