PBS Documentary film…Nov 25th, 2007. KBDI Channel 12, Denver.

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars

The narratives of hope and courage in Africa:

Until very recently-about 2002, Sierra Leone was embroiled in a protracted civil war that resulted in the killing of tens of thousands of its citizens and a conflict that spread beyond its borders to involve neighboring nations, Guinea and Liberia.

What started as the expression of dissatisfaction from a group of rebel soldiers about the way the government was being run resulted in the displacement of citizens, the encroachment of strife, poverty, disease, pain, and suffering for the country. Out of the conflict came lessons of hope, perseverance, survival, and families that could band together in tough times.

The Refugee All Stars is the group that received attention with their music–while they survived the ravages of war–displacement, poverty– in their beloved country.

After many years of living far away from home, when the news came that the war was over, they mustered courage and started to return home after almost ten years.

In August 2007, former President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah stepped down after serving two terms. Elections were held in September and brought into power Ernest Bai Koroma.


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