Energy Africa Conference Global Commerce Forum

As if to say the world is not doing enough about Africa’s burgeoning business and investment opportunities, the Global Commerce Forum, which debuted the annual Energy Africa Conference in 2011, is bringing some of the smartest minds in the clean energy business to Colorado. They are coming to talk about “natural gas and renewables”, how and why they hold the ‘key to universal energy access in Africa.”

In what appears to be a “bonanza” of energy experts, business and investment leaders from Colorado, Oklahoma, Nigeria, Tanzania and beyond, the leaders will meet at the Colorado School of Mines on November 8 and 9.

The event is being described as “a venue for collaboration and dialogue to inspire local and international entrepreneurs to invest in the use of renewable energy and natural gas resources, while creating long term opportunities for environmentally responsible growth and increased prosperity.”

“Access to affordable and cleaner energy is essential to accelerating economic development of countries in Africa and enhancing the lives of their citizens.” read a statement posted on the conference website.

With over two dozen speakers announced, including former Colorado Governor, Bill Ritter, the Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, Governor, Rivers State of Nigeria and Denver City Councilman, Albus Brooks, the event is chaired by Fred Julander, president of Julander Energy.

Writing about the 2011 conference for ICOSA magazine, Emily Haggstrom, PR Director at Denver based CAP Logistics and sponsor of the event said, “While Africa has lots of sun and wind that blows across the open plains, they do not have manufacturing facilities, concrete plants or transportation to service such large-scale green energy developments.”


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