Rwandan Bishop John Rucyahana(right) with an event participant at University of Colorado-Denver, October 13 Africa Agenda

The African nation of Rwanda is one of the most popular destinations for American tourists, politicians and business people in the twenty first century.

Do not take my word for it. Recent statistics about the country from the United Nations (U.N.) and the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F) point to a country that has emerged from the 1994 genocide to be one of Africa’s leading places for business and investment.

A lot of the facts about the country were confirmed by Rwandan Bishop John Rucyahana who was in Denver for an Africa NGO networking event held at the University of Colorado Denver(UCD), on October 13. Rucyahana spoke on the subject of “International Poverty and Local Life Experiences.”

Since the Rwandan genocide of 1994, Rucyahana said, the country has grown from “a single university 18 years ago to 34 universities today.”  The country is now the first in Africa in “How to Do Business,” he explained. It is now possible to register a business in Rwanda in just 24 hours, and one can obtain a visa to enter Rwanda by doing so online, the Bishop stated.

As a result of these things, he said , corruption which was an issue in the past, is now an enemy of the recovery. Because of what Rwanda has accomplished lately, “Rwanda is seeing the fruits of a change in attitudes about the country,” Rucyahana said.

Rucyahana is the founder and chair of the Bishop John and Harriet Rucyahana Ministries based in Kigali, Rwanda.  Other speakers at the event included Christine Benero, CEO of Mile High United Way, Paul Teske, Dean of the School of Public Affairs at UCD and students who spoke about their experiences while visiting Rwanda and Uganda. The event was jointly sponsored by the Global Livingston Institute and UCD.


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