Ugandan leader, Yuweri Museveni inspecting the guard of honor
Ugandan leader, Yuweri Museveni inspecting the guard of honor Reuters/James Akena

 The most important in this week’s headlines out of and concerning  Africa, for those who need help catching up.

This week brings news about talks of Museveni running for re-election as president of Uganda, Cameroon returns 12,000 Nigerian refugees, and a Mali hotel siege that ends with 12 people dead.

Meseveni seeking another term in office

After being in power since 1986, Yuweri Museveni, the president of the East African nation of Uganda, has picked up his re-election form.

This decision to run again, after almost 30 years as president, is causing an uproar as many Ugandans question what will become of their country. According to Quartz Africa, Museveni has already served three terms and will now be Africa’s longest serving leader. Meanwhile–in the midst of the controversy he is said to have left a great legacy on the country by improving the levels of education and helping to grow the economy for the time he has been in power.

As he put it himself, “I don’t think the Ugandans are as obsessed with my retirement, because whenever I go for elections, five million tell me not to go, but stay.” The country keeps voting him in and he has no plans of leaving.

Cameroon returns refugees to Nigeria

For over fours days 12,000 Nigerian Refugees, were repatriated back to their home country, after seeking refugee status in Cameroon due to the attacks from Boko Haram. The attacks have caused an estimated 1.5 million Nigerians to be displaced, some seeking refugee status in neighboring countries such as Cameroon, Niger and Chad. Many died on the way to find solace. Now–the fight is up to the Nigerian government to help their citizens rebuild their lives after having to leave and come back to nothing.

Hotel siege in Mali ends with 12 dead

12 people, including four foreigners were found dead at the end of a hotel siege in Mali. Gunmen stormed the Mali hotel after an attack on a military base near by, in the end killing 5 Malian soldiers and also UN contractors. It is said, according to the Mali army spoke person, that the attack is associated with a group named Macina Liberation Movement. The movement is an extremist Islamist group known for burning down government buildings and posing as a threat to Malian citizens.

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