The most important in this week’s headlines out of and about Africa, for those who need help catching up

In this week’s news, Ethiopia’s former health minister seeking to be next WHO chief, and African chefs want you to savor an African dish.

African Chefs Using The Web to Promote Their Dishes

For those who travel around the world, it may be hard to find an African dish listed on the menu of your favorite restaurants. Even while it’s delicious, the dishes may not be familiar to people from other cultures.

“African cuisines, however, have been slow to catch on globally,” writes CNN’s Phoebe Parke.

This picture is about to change as chefs from the continent are taking to the internet to promote their dishes through blogs, e-books and pop up restaurants.

Parke lists an array of dishes from different countries, including Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Ghana, that are “finally taking off.” The writer also gives us the composition of the dishes and what is takes to put them together.

She says these are the “dishes you should be eating.”

Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister among Candidates Vying to Lead the WHO

Ethiopia’s foreign minister and former minister of health, Tedros Adhanom, has touted his experience as a reason to be elected next World Health Organization (WHO) Chief.

The 194 member United Nations agency, established after the Second World War is set to elect its next leader in 2017 during the organization’ s World Health Assembly.

There are three candidates vying for the position, according to Politico. But “It may especially help if you are African.”

“Still reeling from the Ebola epidemic that killed some 11,000 people, Africa carries the highest burden of disease, yet it has never had one of its own leading the U.N. body to understand its problems from the ground, the argument goes.”

The candidate from Ethiopia holds a Ph.D. in Community Health, and a Masters in Immunology.

Reporting on the subject, the VOA’s Lisa Schlein writes:

“Africa’s sole candidate for director-general has an impressive resume.  He is an internationally recognized malaria researcher and, prior to being appointed as Ethiopia’s foreign affairs minister in 2012, Tedros was minister of health from 2005 to 2012.”

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