Obama Year-End News Conference
The White House

The pandemonium about Ebola in West Africa and the potential ripple effects it created in the United States and around the world may have subsided.

While the dangers remain, there is hope on the horizon.

Speaking during his traditional end-of-year news conference December 19, U.S. President–Barack Obama noted that,  ‘America knows how to solve problems, and when we work together, we can’t be stopped”

In his opening remarks, among other things, Obama noted that America is leading the global fight to deal with the Ebola crisis in West Africa. ‘We are leading the global fight to combat Ebola in in West Africa, and we are preventing an outbreak from taking place here at home”

Ebola: America Solves Problems

‘Through persistent effort and faith in the American people, things get better.’

Saying this seemed to be the general theme for his year-end message, the President beckoned the press corps to continue to report about these issues, even when things seem like they are ‘popping.’ Some of those things include race relations in the U.S. vis-a-vis events in Ferguson and New York, the economy, the crisis in Ukraine.

Referencing the Ebola epidemic, for a brief moment, the President stated, ‘Ebola is a real crisis. You get a mistake in the first case, because it’s something that has not been seen before, we fix it”

‘We’ve gone through difficult times,’ Obama added.

Following the outbreak of Ebola in several African nations, the Obama administration has since appointed a so-called Ebola Czar, Ron Klain, to help coordinate U.S. efforts in fighting the disease. The recent budget deal passed by the U.S. Congress included an estimated $5.4 billion for Ebola crisis response.

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