Pitch In, Lets Change African News
Pitch In, Lets Change African News


Africa Agenda needs your help. Here is why.

Negative, inaccurate news coverage of Africa by Western media is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.While the press can build-up, it also can tear-down and disrupt our way of thinking. While it communicates powerfully, the press often times works to influence policy and shape debates, opinions and actions on the part of communities, organizations and governments.

When African news is reported on TV, it is a presented in ten-second sound bites, and when it is written about in-depth in newspapers and blogs, the backdrop is usually about war, slums, strife or disease. Many of the reports are false; they lack balance, context and perspective about current African reality. While this is so, the damages and consequences are immense.

Very often the continent, its citizens, communities, and governments are treated unfairly; they are subjected to a lot of stereotypes, mistrust and bias, and become vulnerable to misunderstanding and discrimination. Psychologically and economically, news coverage of the continent demoralizes the African spirit. The practice is a disincentive towards travel and economic investment in Africa. It breeds an insidious fear about dealing with Africa, and what might happen when someone travels there. This cannot be ignored.

But contrary to the news, the continent has progressed socially and economically. The continent has also experienced democratic change and social transformation through a combination of actions from many grassroots organizations, communities and governments.

American communities—including Colorado–with strong ties to Africa, the American nation and the rest of the world, have a right to this information.

Yet, there are responsibilities for the media to not only investigate what is wrong in society, but also to report the truth. Neglecting the truth about current African reality and reporting only what affects the media bottom line is counterproductive and dangerous.

How do we ensure an objective criterion for the dissemination of knowledge and Information about Africa, locally and internationally, that is not only positive, but balanced and representative of the events that are taking place in the twenty first century?

This question is at the core of the mission of Africa Agenda. Our mission is not only to challenge the negativity, but also to showcase current African reality

This is the real deal. Here is how your can help

Africa Agenda gives voice to those who agree that the reporting of African news needs a change.  Let’s bust the crap out of so-called African news. Running a lean, volunteer-led organization, Africa Agenda has produced hundreds of blogs and special events.  We are determined to keep this going by increasing the number of posts per week, increasing the number of our special events, as well as adding increased audio, video presence and streaming capacity as we move forward.

We have set the goal of — $2500 by September 30.

At least $10 will go a long way in helping us reach our goal Africa Agenda remains committed to free subscriptions and free access to all our information.

The link to the Crowdrise campaign is now closed.  You can still make a contribution to Africa Agenda by clicking on the donate button on any of the pages of this website. Thank You! 

Africa Agenda is a 501(c) (3) organization headquarted in Denver.  Your contribution is fully tax deductible and we will send a receipt for tax purposes.



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