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For Impact daily NuggetsFor Impact Daily Nuggets

There is a guy called Tom Suddes who writes the blog column, For Impact Daily Nuggets. It seems like every time I read stuff that he writes, i get worked up about taking actions of my own.
The term and language that Suddes recommends, especially for “newbies” in the non-profit world, is called FOR IMPACT.

When talking about your mission and what you do, don’t use jargon, he often recommends . Rather, he suggests we spell out the impact of our mission towards people. The thing that caught my attention today is this. He recommends not to send out a resume when looking for work but rather to start a conversation. The reason:

“I don’t even open the randomly received resumes. (1) Don’t have time and (2) those are job hunters…
Instead, focus on figuring out what you really want to do and then having a high-level conversation about how to make that happen.”

The point in all of this, according to Suddes, is that traditional job hunting is no longer relevant, unless all you want in a job is a paycheck. He writes:
“Instead, I’m trying to align myself with people that are super passionate about changing the world – that see this as a vocation, a calling, a purpose. If it’s a job, then YOUR purpose is a paycheck. Substitute ‘Changing the World’ with ‘Serving People’, ‘Inventing the Coolest Technology’, ‘Shaping Young People’, etc.”


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