Kenya heightens security checks at airports, malls, institutions and across the country to curb terror attacks
Kenya heightens security checks at airports, malls, institutions and across the country to curb terror attacks

The most important in this week’s headlines out of and concerning Africa, for those who need help catching up.

In this week’s news, leaders reject EU plans for Africa, East African nations step up security, and big news from Zimbabwe.

  1. After Paris attacks, Kenya and Uganda step up security

Kenya and Uganda has stepped up security patrols in their respective countries in the aftermath of the Paris attacks. Both countries have experienced attacks from Somalia-based militant Islamist groups.

A recent attack in Kenya claimed the lives of 147 people.

It is believed that five Africans were among the 129 deaths in France. A Ugandan police spokesman, Fred Enanga told journalist, there is alertness throughout the country and that they are working with the military to ensure all visitors and Ugandans are safe.

2. African leaders say “no” to aid from the EU

The British Telegraph reports about the rejection of an aid package from the European Union to African governments after a November 11 meeting in Malta.

According to the Telegraph the package included “pledges of cash and other aid” which the EU leaders hoped would slow the flow of migrants from the world’s poorest countries.

“The European Union asked member countries to match a €1.8 billion allocated from central EU coffers for an “African trust fund” to be spent on education, jobs and services across the continent, but by the end of the summit, just €78 million had been raised.”

It is said the African leaders rejected the package because it was “not enough” and because they wanted the EU to address disparities in trade and taxation instead.

The idea of the summit was conceived more than six months after a boat from Libya sank, killing more than 800 people.

3. Zimbabwe’s all-female crew makes history

In the past week Zimbabwe made headline news after the first-ever female pilots, Captains Chipo Matimba and Elizabeth Simbi Petros flew a Boeing 737 from Harare to Victoria Falls.

The first in the history of the airline and in an industry of mostly male pilots, the crew only had one male during the flight.

They painted the sky pink,” said journalist, Roselyne Sachiti. The news spread quickly over social media, and people all over the world have been sending congratulatory messages to the newest female pilots.

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