John Atta Mills, 2nd from right, with Yayi Boni, Barack Obama and David Cameron at the 2012 G8 meeting at Camp David, Maryland, USA. Ghana Presidency
Ghana’s President John Atta Mills died unexpectedly Tuesday, July 24. The 68-year-old leader’s death was reported to be “sudden and untimely” in a statement signed by presidential chief of staff John Henry Martey Newman.

Vice president, John Dramani Mahama was sworn into office the same day, making him the interim president of Ghana.  According to Information Minister Fritz Baffour, Mahama will serve as President until presidential elections are held at the end of the year.

According to the Associated Press, during Mills’ election in 2008, he promoted change for his country as a platform for his campaign.

“During the past two years, Mills presided over one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. But he faced some criticism that Ghana’s economic boom has yet to include average citizens who face high rates of unemployment and poverty,” according to Voice of America News.

As Ghana mourns the passing of a unique leader, it is hoped that his legacy will continue through Mahama’s leadership.


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