Cameroon Producer Agbor Gilbert and Nollywood Actresses in 2012
Cameroon Producer Agbor Gilbert, with Nollywood Actresses in 2012 Cameroon Film Industry(CFI)
The movie industry in Africa is fast-growing.

As cooperation between African nations increase, two neighbors, Cameroon and Nigeria, are improving their relationship through a thriving film industry in both countries.

There is especially increased interest in the so-called Nollywood movies that Africans love. This phenomenon is bringing the two friendly counties to the table of cooperation.

According to Cameroon’s minister of Arts and Culture, Ama Tutu Muna, this collaboration will expose Cameroonian film industry talents to the world, and build the capacities of the Cameroonian filmmakers.

The minister stated, “this is an opening that illustrates that Africa is one, and that experience ought to be shared in order to contribute to sustainable development in Africa. Government is to establish such beneficial platforms for the professionals and the budding so that Africas’ talent is not squandered, and the dreams wasted.’

Recently-action was taken at a working session in Yaoundé, Cameroon’s capital city, by some renowned actors and producers of the Nollywood Association of Critics and Award (NAFCA).

The actors and producers pledged to support Cameroon in a move aimed at rebuilding and developing the Cameroon Film Industry. The session also strived to lift up the industry to international standards and to establish a platform of collaboration between the actors, producers, and Cameroon.

Some of the actors and producers who will join hands in uplifting the Cameroon Film Industry and its filmmakers to stardom include, Ghanaian-Liberian, Frank Artus, journalist, Tosin Ajirire, with the Nigerian SUN newspaper and representative of NAFCA, as well as Nigerian TV and Film Producer, Moses Efret.


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