African Valentine's Day party
African Valentine’s Day party in Denver LaChance Pickett Photography

Africa, Africa arise from the shadow of your underachievement

Arise from the slough of war, from the scourge of prejudice

Awake to the drum of political, socio-economic sustenance

Relive your legendary status of generosity, sensuality, and as the cradle of civilization

Through forums of discussion, mass media outlets, we shall celebrate your achievements

Through cultural exchanges and book clubs, we shall disseminate under-reported information about you

By bringing together the elderly and the young, the colored and the biracial, the informed and the misinformed, blacks and whites.

We shall champion you in a global context

From the banks of the Nile to the summit of Kilimanjaro

We shall foster understanding among your offspring

From the caravans in Timbuktu to the heart of the Kalahari

You are endowed with abundance

From the shores of the Atlantic to the frontiers of the Pacific

We shall facilitate valuable discourse on democracy, culture, business, and economics

Between you and the rest of humanity.

Editor’s Note: This poem was penned and presented as part of a much-celebrated February 15 African Valentine’s Day event in Colorado.


One thought on “Poetry: What if Africa is really Rising?

  1. A very inspiring and poem to those who aspire to become what God created Africans to become! i have only just seen this now and it is as good as a very nice and powerful sermon. Africans, should not only try to make their voices heard by humanity, they should make God and humanity hear their voice. Nollywood has overtaken Hollywood and nonsensewood because it reflect true values and not just bang bang bang fiction. Africa, the world and all existence is waiting on you to show forth that which is hidden under your glorious dark skin. No treasure is even exposed to everyone to see. Dr Usongo introduced me to John Plougman some 30+ years ago, and today I still love to re-echo John Ploughman's talk. However, there is a voice that sound louder than John Ploughman's, the voice of Africa. The others mostly talk of the heart when an AFrican does a great deed, however, when the oposite complexion does little close to nothing, they talk of wits and the head. The amount of intelligence and wisdom does not depend on the size of the skull but rather on what comes forth. Even the voice of the fool can become the order of the day if well articulated.

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