Africa Agenda Releases African Ingenuity 2016 Summit Agenda

By Africa Agenda on October 16, 2016

2016 African Ingenuity Summit Agenda
Africa Agenda

2016 African Ingenuity Summit Agenda

In preparation for its 3rd annual ColoradoAfrica summit, the Africa Agenda organization today released the agenda for the October 21 African Ingenuity Summit.

The agenda, which runs from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Mountain Time, incorporates time for guest registration, remarks by selected speakers, entertainment and more importantly time for discussion on the key issues of the day. These discussions, focused on three subjects; the media, public participation and social and economic development, will be led by specialists in the field.

A specialist will pose a question, followed by a dialogue with table participants about how best to address the issue.…

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Colorado Black Round Table Critical Issues Summit: Oct. 14 – Oct. 16

By Africa Agenda on October 10, 2016

Africa Agenda

As the November 8 U.S. Election approaches–community groups and organizations are  engaging American citizens about important issues which impact them. The Colorado Black Round Table (CBRT) is inviting the community to a series of discussions, awards and recognition ceremonies along these lines. The organization has published a schedule of its election-related activities as follows. Please join them. 



“Why This Election Is So Important”

Guest Speaker: Reginald Bolding, Arizona State Representative

Holiday Inn Stapleton (Aztec Room-5 pm)

Community Respondents:

Honorable Penfield Tate, Attorney, Former State Representative
Walter Jones, Attorney, Economic Development Specialist
Barbara Jones, 2nd Vice President, Colorado Democratic Party
Sondra Young, President, Denver NAACP

Art Way, Attorney, Senior Director, Colorado Drug Policy Alliance

Rita Lewis, Attorney, Commissioner, Colorado Civil Rights Commission

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Why You Should Attend: Colorado-Africa Summit, Oct. 21

By Africa Agenda on October 8, 2016

Africa Agenda

The African Ingenuity Summit is Coming on Oct. 21

As we’re counting down to the 3rd Annual Africa Summit in Colorado, aka the African Ingenuity Summit 2016, we wanted to remind you to get your tickets now. The tickets are available through this link:

For now, we’ve got three reasons why you need to there on Friday, Oct 21.

First, there is no better time to celebrate the creative accomplishments that are taking place throughout the African continent. Some of the recent achievements include the invention by a Cameroonian of a cardio-pad that takes a reading of the human heart and sends it to a specialist for examination.…

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KETO FM, Africa-focused Radio, Coming to Metro Denver Airwaves

By George Bamu on September 28, 2016

KETO FM, Colorado, USA

As Colorado’s African community grows, the needs of the community have increased as well.

We’ve seen how American local governments, city council and municipalities around the area address these challenges of growth in Colorado, from boosting road infrastructure expenditures to addressing issues associated with housing.

For a community that has become woven into the fabric of the state’s most diverse city, this is an issue of which Aurora is keenly aware. So, officials have held meetings with leaders and other citizens geared toward integration as new people come into town.

How do you inform a community as diverse as Aurora, with people and languages from all corners of the world?…

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In Case You Missed It: 9/19/16 – 9/25/16

By Raevyn Goates on September 26, 2016

Leslie Lumeh uses his artwork to chronicle the ongoing effects of Ebola in Liberia.

This week’s most important headlines out of and about Africa.

Leslie Lumeh uses his artwork to chronicle the ongoing effects of Ebola in Liberia.

In this week’s news, France invests in Africa, art saves lives, and floating power plants make waves off Africa’s coast.

Man Used Art to Save People During Ebola Crisis

During last year’s major Ebola outbreak, UNICEF called on artists to create informative posters on how to stay safe.

One artist, a Liberian named Leslie Lumeh, spoke about his work with CNN this week. While Liberia has been declared Ebola free by the World Health Organization, Lumeh has continued to document the diseases’ effects on the country through his art.…

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