The Rocky Mountain News to publish final edition on Friday, according to The Denver Post.

As if we have not already had enough of this trend, the announcement Thursday that the Rocky Mountain News will publish its final edition Friday did not come as a complete shock. At least, some of us thought the Rocky would find a buyer. But still, this news may be a shock to those who still live in caves and have no idea about the revolutionary changes occurring around them.

In an article written by Steve Raabe and posted on its website, The Denver Post thinks the News has become “the latest casualty in an industry stricken by a spiraling decline in newspaper economics.”

If we are going to blame the internet for choking off the newspaper business, where do we look for solace now that change is here? The answer is simple. The Internet and Information Technology!

It is where everything revolves nowadays; from Blackberries, Iphones, blogs and what have you.

There is one simple message and idea in the news about the demise of The Rocky Mountain News. It is that we all, including our African communities, have to understand what it is that we are talking about, adapt to it or we become the next victims of the revolution.

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