The most important in this week’s headlines out of and concerning Africa, for those who need help catching up. This week brings news of an economic slowdown, a victory for Kenya’s athletes, a setback for Sierra Leone in the battle against Ebola, and Chad’s crackdown on Boko Haram terrorists.

Asbel Kiprop won the gold in the 1500m event at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing.
Asbel Kiprop won the gold in the 1500m event at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing.

1. African Economies Slow Down

Due to economic hardships around the world, the growth rate of the economies of African countries has slowed down this year.

GDP growth in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and other countries have fallen by approximately 1%. The decline is caused primarily by a drop in oil prices and a decrease in demand for oil. While some areas are fearing recession, some economists are more optimistic. While there is a decline, economies in Africa are still growing, just now at a slower pace.

2. Kenya comes out on top at the World Athletic Championships

Kenya has come out on top at the World Athletic Championships in Beijing, China, with a total of 16 medals won. They won 7 gold medals, 6 silver medals, and 3 bronze medals. They were followed in second place by Jamaica and in third place by the United States. The win was a point of celebration for Kenyans, and even President Uhuru Kenyatta had something to say about it when he tweeted, “Our young people have once again shown that they are as good as the world’s best and brightest.”

3. Sierra Leone confirms Ebola death, days after discharging last patient

Earlier in the week, the citizens of Sierra Leone were hopeful when the last Ebola patient in the country was officially discharged from the hospital. Just days later, however, the country confirmed the death of a 67-year-old woman was caused by the disease. Officials remind people that, while disappointing, it is not an unexpected outcome, and that Sierra Leone’s battle with Ebola is far from over. If there are no new cases of or deaths caused by Ebola in the next 42 days, the World Health Organization will declare the country free of the disease.

4. Chad executes ten Boko Haram terrorists Ten members of Boko Haram were convicted of terrorism and executed in N’Djamena. The ten were accused of carrying out attacks on a school and a police station in N’Djamena back in June. Thirty eight  people were killed in the attacks, and more than 100 injured. In July, the group killed 15 in an attack on a market. These attacks were the first by Boko Haram in Chad, a country which has been helping their neighbor, Nigeria, reclaim areas taken by the group. In response, Chad reinstated the death-penalty for terrorists, a move which has met criticism from some civil liberties groups.


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