Former president George W. Bush and Laura Bush at a ribbon cutting ceremony in Zambia POLITICO
According to the political website POLITICO, former president George W. Bush is spending time in Africa and championing efforts in the detection and treatment of cervical cancer.

According to POLITICO, Mr. Bush and his wife, former U.S. first lady Laura Bush are traveling between Zambia and Botswana for this effort.

Mike Allen, chief White House correspondent for POLITICO writes that “the cervical-cancer project is a collaboration among his George W. Bush institute, the U.S. government and the private sector.”

While he was president, Bush received much praise for his efforts in helping fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. Much of that effort was channeled through PEPFAR, the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

It is Mr. Bush’s third trip to Africa since leaving office in 2008, according to POLITICO.

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