Mporampora speaking in Denver, Saturday August 16 Africa Agenda

Colorado’s Champion for Uganda

Preparations are underway towards the October 2, 2008 Safari for Hope on the Green Golf and Walk event. You can participate and bring hope to Uganda by getting in touch with Christ Aid today.

Among the multitudes of Africans serving their communities in Colorado, David Mporampora stands out from the crowd.

Not only is he funny, but he is brilliant, dynamic and charismatic. To say the least, Uganda needs this man more than he needs Uganda.

As founder and leader of Christ Aid, Inc, David is a musician, educator and community leader who continues to build bridges between his impoverished nation of Uganda and the United States of America.

The Christ Aid band which he leads is fascinating and has entertained many all over Colorado. Yes, they do not have a toll-free phone number as David stated, and they don’t own a TV station but they deserve to be all over TV for the work that they are doing for Uganda.


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