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Papa Wemba’s Legacy Celebrated Worldwide

The musical legacy of Papa Wemba, the Congolese musician who died on April 24, is being celebrated not just throughout the Africa continent but around the world. Wemba collapsed on stage and died minutes later during a performance in Abidjan, the Ivory Coast.

Many are asking questions about what may have caused his collapse, captured on video.

“Last weekend, when news of the real Papa Wemba’s death began to circulate on the internet, many of his fans were in denial, “writes Chinedu Ukaban with The Fader.

Ukaban states that to understand the impact of Wemba’s music you have to follow the twists and turns of the music of the country where he comes from, the Congo, especially during the 50’s and 60’s.

“Besides his musical influence, he popularized Sapeur fashion, an eccentric look with three-piece suits, shiny black leather shoes and flashy accessories,” according to CNN’s Andreas Preuss. He was “The king of the rumba,” says The Economist.

Wemba’s remains have been transported back to his native Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with burial set for Wednesday.

Germany Seeking To Extend Relations with African Countries

The benchmarks for cooperation between Germany and African nations point in the direction of more political and business meetings in the coming months.

That’s according to the German broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, in this report.

Marked by exchange visits between Germany and African nations, including Niger, Mali, Kenya and Mozambique, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, as well as Foreign Minister, Franz-Walter Steinmeier, have led the partnership meetings

In addition a development agenda, the relationships is being extended to include security matters as well because of  increased terrorist activities in some African countries, the reports states.

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