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Towards A Strong US-Africa Engagement:

Bringing the U.S.-Africa Summit to Colorado

November 20th – from 5:00 – 8pm
Posner Center for International Development
1031 33rd Street, Denver

Event Description

Read the final report from the 2014 event here

This past summer, President Obama hosted a historic event, the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, in Washington D.C. to discuss strengthening the relationship between the United States and Africa. Among many things, the event resulted in deals totaling an estimated $33 billion between the U.S. and African governments, corporations and individuals, as well as a new peace keeping partnership. On November 20, Africa Agenda will continue the discussion.

The Colorado Summit will serve as a platform to explore opportunities of expanded engagement in Africa from the perspective of some of the leading people and organizations working here and on the continent. We hope that you will join us for an evening of energy, inspiration and dialogue.


Raising the Bar on Africa/Colorado Partnerships

The evening will open with observations from special inspiring speakers and others on the changing outlook and opportunities for Africa/Colorado Partnerships.

We are inviting U.S. and African business and non-profit leaders, professors, and journalists to lead discussions at tables for an evening of inspiration over food and drinks.

You will have a unique opportunity to discuss issues and opportunities you care about with them on a diverse set of topics relating to the African continent in a productive environment for learning and networking. During registration, you will be asked for your three top preferences and we will assign tables on a first-come-first served basis.

Tables include:

  1. Rationalizing and facilitating investment in Africa
  2. Building security through engagement
  3. US-Africa Cooperation in Global Health and Development – Ebola, HIV-AIDS, Malaria, and other health issues
  4. Developing a strong U.S. engagement in Africa
  5. Governance-Democratization, Human Rights, Transparency, and Anti-Corruption initiatives
  6. Climate Change and other issues of resilience
  7. Power Africa – what form do power and energy resources take in Africa – how to develop it responsibly – electricity generation
  8. Women and Girls – How to ensure that women’s voices are heard and that there’s representation from women in future summits
  9. Media, Information and Technology
  10. Civil Society – How to build effective collaboration through non-profits and grassroots organizations

This unique chance to “summit” on Colorado/Africa issues will open new doors to business, investment, trade, education, and much more on the African continent.



The event is from 5:00 to 8 p.m, the program starts promptly at 6pm.  After registration, we will give you access to the full agenda, including a list of speakers, table leaders and more information.

A tentative agenda is as follows:



Opening Remarks/Inspiration
Appraisals and Opportunities from the US-Africa Leaders Summit

Table Discussions with Professionals over Food and Drinks

7:45- 8:00
Closing and observations from the tables

The event is organized by Africa Agenda and World Denver Young Professionals, in association with the Africa Leadership Group, and The Posner Center for International Development

The cost to attend is $25 per person for early bird registration (up til Nov. 17) and $35 after Nov 17.  Please note that there is limited space. Don’t wait!

Read the final report from the 2014 event here

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