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The PBS News Hour— December 2020

With few resources, Senegal emerges as a leader in the fight against COVID-19

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) — December 2020

Why Africa Matters to US Cities (Africa and US Cities)

The Financial Times — December 2020

Democracy in Africa is in retreat

The Hill — December 2020

Africa must be seen with lenses other than our national security

Bloomberg – December 2020

Why Africa Borrowed Billions of Dollars From China

The Guardian — November 2020

Obama didn’t deliver for Africa. Can Biden show black lives matter everywhere?

The Africa Report — December 2020

Egypt leads Radisson’s expansion into serviced apartments

Daily Observer — December 2020

Liberian Dads for Gender Equality Officially Launched

NBC News — December 2020

The war on cocoa: Hershey Co. accused of not upholding sustainability efforts in West Africa

Voice of America — December 2020

Amid Dual Pandemics, HIV Innovation Continues in Africa

Foreign Affairs — December 2019

Africa’s Slums Aren’t Harbingers of Anarchy—They’re Engines of Democracy

Global Citizen — December 2020

From #EndSARS to #AmINext: How Young Africans Used Social Media to Drive Change in 2020

Voice of America — December 2020

Africa Spared Worst of Pandemic by ‘Coordinated, Collaborative’ Approach

Al Jazeera — November 2020

Different agendas, one goal: How Nigerians united to #EndSARS

African Business magazine — November 2020

African governments fare less well in 2020 Ibrahim Index

The Guardian — November 2020

Renowned artist Esther Mahlangu urges Africans to hold on to their traditions

Foreign Affairs — October 2020

If America Were in Africa: U.S. Diplomats Would Be Ringing the Alarm Bell

Washington Post — October 2020

Two West African presidents are out of terms. They’re running again, anyway.

The Guardian — October 2020

I grew up not knowing my African heritage. But now I feel a calling

Foreign Affairs — October 2020

U.S. Africa Policy Needs a Reset

Trump Didn’t Tear Up the Playbook, but It Still Needs to Be Rewritten

BBC News — October 2020

Climate change: ‘Dangerous and dirty’ used cars sold to Africa

NBC News — September 2020

Africa has held off the worst of the coronavirus. Researchers are working to figure out how. The reasons are still something of a mystery, but scientists said the success of many African countries offers crucial lessons.

Quartz Africa — September 2020

Africa’s fashion business is using new and traditional methods to reform as a sustainable industry

Associated Press (AP) —September 2020

As US struggles, Africa’s COVID-19 response is praised

Al Jazeera — September 2020

TV replaces teachers for African children amid coronavirus curbs

The Boston Globe — September 2020

Obama’s ‘biggest mistake’ is still wreaking havoc: The bombing of Libya scattered weapons across Africa and worsened instability in the region. — September 2020

Africans Mourn Chadwick Boseman: ‘A Great Tree Has Fallen’

 Associated Press — September 2020

South Africa lifts spirits with Jerusalema dance amid virus

 CNN — September 2020

A 26-year-old is first woman to win Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africa Prize for innovation

Washington Post — May 2020

East Africa has weathered pandemics — and has a few things to teach the U.S.

Democracy in Africa — April 2020

The African Continental Free Trade Area: A Catalyst for Development?

International Press Institute — April 2020

Growing press freedom violations in Africa amid COVID-19

Political pressure, economic stress key challenges for continent’s media

The Hill — March 2020

Africa knows how to fight viruses — they simply need the resources, fast

The Intercept —March 2020


okayafrica —March 2020

Op-Ed: Africa is Not the Center of The Coronavirus Epidemic and the West is Pissed

BBC News — February 2020

Children among 22 killed in attack on Cameroon village

CS Monitor — February 2020

Africa’s quiet moves to ‘silence the guns’

CNN — January 2020

How Ghana’s historic homecoming is changing Africa

Reuters — January 2020

FEATURE-Women step forward in push to nurture African climate scientists