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The African Ingenuity Summit is Coming on Oct. 21

As we’re counting down to the 3rd Annual Africa Summit in Colorado, aka the African Ingenuity Summit 2016, we wanted to remind you to get your tickets now. The tickets are available through this link:

For now, we’ve got three reasons why you need to there on Friday, Oct 21.

First, there is no better time to celebrate the creative accomplishments that are taking place throughout the African continent. Some of the recent achievements include the invention by a Cameroonian of a cardio-pad that takes a reading of the human heart and sends it to a specialist for examination. That invention won the African Engineering Award in 2016.

Second, it’s one thing to celebrate, yet it’s another to learn from what is happening. So, in addition to the talented speakers and great entertainers we’ve selected, you’ll join with others in a world-café style dialogue, over food and drinks, with local and international innovators who are revolutionizing the next frontiers of African thought.

Third, we’ve selected cuisine from three of the best African restaurants in town for your eating delight. These restaurants are: Pikine Grill (Senegal), Akwaaba (Ghana) and Konjo Catering (Ethiopia) The chefs from these restaurants have a special treat just for you.

More than this, as we celebrate and learn from the ingenuity of the African people, we hope that you too would become a part of the community of peoples and nations that we are building right here in Colorado. Why not bring along a friend? Don’t miss the opportunity!  Take a sneak peek into the summit (video)

Thank you and we hope to see you there!


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