Africans must take control of their destiny, sort out their own problems, and create their own solutions”Charlayne Hunter-Gault, New News Out of Africa, 2006.

One of the problems that continue to marginalize and restrict opportunities for Africans in our communities is the scarcity of information about Africa.  When the continent is featured in the media the overriding message is generally negative—one of war, poverty, and incapacity.  Africa Agenda believes that there is a need to counterbalance these negative perceptions through education and unbiased reporting that can lead to enormous benefits for the Metro Denver community.

Using Africa Agenda’s website, the media program will:

  • Identify, track, and disseminate unreported African news.
  • Post provocative and critical Africa related stories.
  • Post blogs that amplify many voices and promote fair, impartial African news.