Dear Friends,

It is day #7 into the New Year, 2019. I guess it is not too late to wish you – friends of the Africa Agenda organization, family, fellow Africans, Americans, what have you – a rich and blessed year ahead. Above all, let’s pray for peace and unity around the world, without which all of our efforts (yours and mine as well) will come to naught.

Let’s make an effort to talk to our leaders, even the ones we don’t like or agree with, here in the U.S., Cameroon, Kenya, Ghana, France, Mexico, Canada, Thailand etc., and ask them to hear us and consider our opinions and ideas to further peace, stability and prosperity in the world.

Let’s take action (for example by speaking up/speaking out forcefully) to ensure that everyone, not just the rich and powerful, are given the opportunity to succeed in this life. Let’s also give help, as we are able, to the less fortunate among us.

Again – I wish you a great year!


George Bamu

Founder/Executive Director

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