The press may not be successful much of the time in telling people what to think, but it is stunningly successful in telling its readers what to think about.
Bernard C. Cohen, 1963

Africa Agenda events offer a unique opportunity to interact with African opinion leaders and communities in Colorado and to discover the opportunities Africa has to offer. Africa Agenda seeks to move beyond the normalized misinformation on Africa to open up new avenues to engage, build bridges and deepen ties between the US and Africa.

Since March 2005, Africa Agenda has organized over 100 Africa Events in the Denver Metro area.

We have a proven approach to fostering civic responsibility and community involvement by improving the understanding of the African community here, their challenges, interests and talents.  By working with universities, community organizations and journalists, we have shown that African networks are not just on the margins but bring important social and economic opportunities.

Examples of Africa Agenda events:

How Negative News Impacts the Growth and Development of Africa
St Paul Presbyterian Church, Aurora, Colorado

Obama, Ghana and John Atta Mills
East Africa Community Center, Greeley-Colorado

Africa: Towards Freedom, Development and Democracy
University of Denver, Denver-Colorado.

Cameroon At the Crossroads 2011
St Paul Presbyterian Church, Aurora-Colorado

What people are saying about Africa Agenda events?

Thank you for inviting me and my husband to the event, today!  It was such an eye opener!”, Stan and Val Peters in Colorado

Thanks Africa Agenda for organizing another enlightening conversation”, Daniel Sauve, Founder & Editor, Metro African

My grandmother, Lorna, and I had a great discussion afterwards”, Lisa Marie Wagner, Chicago, IL 

Your event was very informative and afforded me many good contacts and perspectives.” Cecile Johnson, Colorado

Tom and I really enjoyed your recent forum about Zimbabwe. Julia Henderson, Denver, Colorado