Each year Africa Agenda organizes an event to promote awareness about U.S. – Africa relations, the local African community, and positive developments across the African continent.

As we have for the last several years, we will facilitate nourishing dinner table conservations with leaders from media, academia, business, and non-profits who are already making a difference.

  Theme: You Have an Impact – Breaking the Africa Stereotype
Table Leaders -Facilitator 
Topic-QuestionFacilitator /Affiliation
1How can we write about opportunities and achievements from Africa to inspire others to get involved?George Bamu, Africa Agenda  
2How can we make a visit to an African country or countries that make a difference?Ryan Chase – U.S. Department of Interior 
3How can we contribute to address big health issues holistically?Abby Schneider (Ph.D.) – Regis University, Denver 
4What are strategies to encourage newspapers and media to improve coverage of African news and issues?A. Scott DuPree -Ph.D., Africa Agenda 
5How can we get involved with good businesses or start ones ourselves?Boniface Omina, Watson Institute, Boulder  
6What are ways to assist organizations with compelling visions for development?Julia Kennedy -Posner Center, Denver 
7How can we encourage American political leaders to pursue better policies with African countries?Singumbe Muyeba (Ph.D.) – University of Denver 
8How can we work together to reinforce local and global peace?Jack Farris – University of Denver 
9What are ways to immerse ourselves in Africa’s rich and diverse cultural wealth?Jude Fokwang (Ph.D.) – Regis University, Denver
10What are ways to root for African sports and athletes?Douglas Mpondi (Ph.D.) – Metropolitan State University, Denver 
11What are good ways to engage with the African diaspora?Yuri Coret , Watson Institute, Boulder
12How can we find and buy great products from Africa?Charles Msilanga -Watson Institute, Boulder
13How can we support and advocate for a sustainable environment?Laura Deluca (PhD) – University of Colorado, Boulder
14How can we empower women to lead in building strong links with the continent?Sarada Krishnan (Ph.D.) – Denver Botanic Gardens 
15How can we empower youth to lead in building strong links with the continent?Andy Astuno, Astuno Law Firm 

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