The Denver Presbytery’s “Walking with Africans” events, a week-long celebration of Africa concluded on August 29. Already the praises, thank-you notes, joys, and excitements that marked the events are ringing far and wide.

Walking with Africans welcomed and heard from the Rev Dr. Obirri Addo, PC-USA minister from Ghana, pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Irvington, NJ, and professor of African studies at Drew University.

Also, Ghanaians from the Ghana Mission Partnership and Presbyterians, Mr. Emmanuel Quaytey, Rev William Quaye were welcomed to Denver by the Peoples Presbyterian Church, Denver.

Throughout the week-long celebrations, there were discussions about human rights, food, water, healthcare, and education in Africa. For the Denver Presbytery and the Africa Task Force team that helped organize the events, the tremendous work that its Church mission groups, partnerships, and individuals are doing throughout Africa is a cause of celebration.


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