Andy Astuno speaking with Senaiet Mesgun
Andy Astuno of World Denver Young Professionals speaking with Senaiet Mesgun Africa Agenda

In August of this year, President Obama held an unprecedented three-day summit in Washington D.C. which brought together CEO’s, Heads of States and other officials to discuss how to build stronger U.S. – Africa partnerships.

The D.C summit resulted in deals worth billions of dollars intended to boost U.S. economic investment Africa.

Africa Agenda and World Denver Young Professions(WDYP) are partnering to host a similar summit in hopes of keeping the conversation alive.

China is currently ahead of the U.S. with billions in investments and partnerships already in the works in the African continent.

Andy Atsuno, board member of World Denver Young Professionals (WDYP) spoke with us about the Colorado U.S.- Africa Leaders Summit scheduled to take place November 20 at the Posner Center in Denver.

Speaking about Chinese investments in Africa, Astuno thinks the U.S. needs to do something substantial.

“We should try to be there and have as big a footprint as is possible; one that is sustainably correct and one that is environmentally conscious,’ he said.

Atsuno also believes it is important to bring the event to the local level because it benefits the people of Colorado.

‘Just because it was discussed in D.C. does not mean our lives are not impacted here in Colorado,” he said.


Attendees of the event can expect to hear from business, community, and educational leaders who will host round table discussions on a range of different topics.

Africa Agenda and World Denver Young Professionals stress that the event is open to peoples of all backgrounds, to achieve a dynamic night of conversation and idea building.

Meantime, for the details about the event, including registration information, please visit this link.


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