The Media as Bridge – Setting Priorities for Accurate Reporting on Africa

Friday, November 2  (6 p.m. to  8:30 p.m. )   Address: 1031 33rd Street, Denver, CO 80205

Table #Topic (Question) for DiscussionTable Facilitator /Affiliation
1How can better reporting, blogging and communicating culture and history improve understanding?   Jude Fokwang (PhD)

–  Regis University, Denver

2How do we use blogs and social media to improve understanding of African events and issues?
3How can reporting expand understanding of the contributions of African knowledge and ideas for human development?   Monica LaBiche Brown

–  Africa Development Promise, Denver

4What are effective alternatives to “Poverty Porn” to stimulate interest and engagement in Africa?   Abby Schneider (PhD)

–  Regis University, Denver

5How can effective journalism strengthen intra-African and international trade?
6What do American businesses get right and what do they misunderstand about doing business in Africa?   Luka Powanga (PhD)

–  Regis University, Denver

7How can U.S. journalists constructively collaborate with reporters in and report about African countries that do not have free and open press?   Emily McCoy

–  Journalist, Writer

8How are African societies organizing for freer speech and transparency?    Karen Mulberry

–  Director of Strategic Initiatives , ICANN

What are the challenges and perspectives that are key to these struggles?
How can we support these struggles?
9What would be a sufficient amount of reporting on Africa in the U.S. to improve understanding?   Douglas Mpondi (PhD)

–  Metropolitan State University, Denver

How can African success stories be better reported?
10What can African countries learn from United States news and events? What can the United States learn from African news and events?   Laura Deluca (PhD)

–  University of Colorado, Boulder

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