Middle East Unrest Wall Street Journal

If you thought foreign policy would remain a non-issue in the current race for the U.S presidency, think again. While the pundits were “talking a good game” about the economy and jobs, abortion, immigration, few had given thought to the obscure movie trailer posted on YouTube, bashing Islam,  and the potential consequences it could bring to the race for the White House.

Point is, no one saw this coming. Not even the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency(CIA.) What exactly went wrong is the subject of this interesting Washington Post opinion piece.

Here we are with a heated talk of foreign policy, a few weeks before November 6.

“It’s the first time foreign policy has taken such a prominent role in this presidential campaign,” said National Public Radio’s Ari Shapiro on September 13.  Shapiro is covering the Romney campaign for NPR.

And so, Northern Africa; Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and parts of the Middle East and Australia are right in the center of the American elections.  Will this make or break things for Obama or Romney, no one knows, but the reactions by both candidates to the protests are already winning support or condemnation from the media and the American people.

Iran and its nuclear program lurking in the background

Another foreign policy issue that bears ramifications in the election is Iran and its purported nuclear weapons program.  That too, like the demonstrations against the movie defaming Islam, has the potential to make or break Obama or Romney’s chances in November.

“Whoever wins the presidential race today will have to deal with Iran’s nuclear program,” said Scott Pelley, host of CBS Evening News, on September 11.


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