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Africa Agenda, a Denver-based online platform that provides positive news and information about the African people and the

About Africa Agenda

Africa Agenda is a 501C (3) non-profit organization, founded in 2004 by George Bamu, a journalist from Cameroon and resident of Denver, Colorado to foster understanding and engagement with Africa and African society in a fair and unbiased way. Based on his own experience, Bamu was acutely aware of the unique challenges faced by the African community to contribute to their adopted community in meaningful ways.

Bamu has worked across the Denver metro area with hundreds of volunteers, many of the local universities, Africa-oriented networks and others to open the doors for meaningful dialogue on Africa—its culture, its challenges, its opportunities and some of the superb work that is being done by Colorado-based organizations to collaborate and work with Africans both in our community and Africa.

Africa Agenda was founded in the belief that the negative media coverage and ignorance of Africa can be counterbalanced with enormous benefit to the whole community in Metro Denver. In this way Africa Agenda has been actively countering negative media coverage through strategic events and promoting news and information that gives people a better grasp of Africa.

Short Term/Temporary- Work opportunities at Africa Agenda

Africa Agenda is seeking Research Assistants, Interns and other Volunteers for 2015 to work with us in our Posner Center for International Development office. A small stipend will be offered. For students, Course credit can be arranged with your college or university.

Africa Agenda will be organizing 2 big events in 2015: 1) a Bloggers Summit (2 days) for African news and affairs (planned summer 2015); and 2) an October 2015 “African Agenda Summit,” which will bring together Colorado’s African community, businesses and non-profits working in Africa, and invited guests.

In addition to the events, Africa Agenda aims to ramp up its online offerings – blog posts, video content, social media output, and content curation of African news and affairs.

Assistants, Interns and Volunteers working with Africa Agenda will be based at the Posner Center for International Development. A time commitment of 2 days a week is needed. Hours can be during the day or in the evening. An African Agenda team meeting will take place once a week on Mondays and Thursdays from 5-7 pm at Posner Center. It is required that you attend at least one of these meetings per week – either virtually or in person. These weekly meeting will be used for planning, storyboarding, checking-in, getting peer feedback, and developing a team atmosphere.

Interested applicants should send an email with their CV, 3 references, and writing samples, examples of blog posts and contributions to social media to Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. You must be able to commit to working with Africa Agenda for a minimum of 6 months. Applicants who can commit to a longer time commitment are preferred. Training and mentorship will be provided, and we need people who can stay around long enough to learn about Africa Agenda, and then apply what they are learning to Africa Agenda’s online and Denver community presence. The first wave of assignments will begin the first week of March 2015.

We are looking to fill the following positions:

Development/ Fundraising Assistant (up to 2 assistants sought):

This is a contracted short-term or temporary opportunity to help with a set of specific goals and objectives. This position(s) will contribute to fundraising and the development needs of Africa Agenda. Will help monitor funding leads, perform research, contribute to grant writing, and work on special events. Will also work with volunteers from time to time. No prior development experience is required, but a can do attitude is a must. Training and mentoring will be provided on a regular basis. We are looking for candidates with an open minded, super organized, deadline driven, and able to set goals and follow through.

Research Assistants (up to 2 assistants sought)

This person(s) will work with Africa Agenda on a short-term contract to conduct a research study about the local African community. A part of this work would involve holding meetings with selected members of the community, conducting interviews, and gathering data. We are looking for someone with deep connections to the community, a love for news, information and knowledge about migration and the African Diaspora.

Journalism/Blogging Internship (up to 3 interns sought): Africa Agenda seeks aspiring journalists, civil society professionals, and educators with a passion for social media, demonstrated interest and awareness of African affairs and US-Africa relations, love for crafting stories, and trying out new and innovative uses of technology for journalistic purposes. We are looking to post compelling content, and would like to find interns who are ideas driven, creative, and ready to roll up their sleeves and write. We are open to your ideas for stories, particularly on content related to energy, business, investment, trade, education, health, civil society/ NGO related initiatives, women’s issues, ICT and how the internet is affecting the development of Africa’s economy. Interns will also be encouraged to write stories or share content related to Africa related events and happenings that take place at Posner Center and the greater Metro Denver area. If there’s a particular Africa related beat that you’d like to develop and run with, let us know your ideas, and we will find a way to make it happen.

Editorial Assistant (up to 2 interns sought): Behind every good writer, there’s a GREAT editor. Africa Agenda seeks editorial assistance to proofread, copyedit, and post online content. Knowledge of or an interest in learning AP style is required. Typical editorial duties include writing headlines, developing storyboards, fact checking, liaising with writers, help put stories in context, and provide substantive feedback to Africa Agenda contributors.

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