Journalists from West Africa participate in a discussion about Ebola coverage at the Posner Center in Denver. Africa Agenda | Africa Agenda
In the rush to report the news, well-meaning reporters sometimes may oversimplify or perhaps exaggerate reports about things that are taking place in the African continent. The question is: what are the challenges involved with Africa reporting, and how do reporters and bloggers alike balance their reporting with the need to be fair and accurate.

Cases in point: Ebola, Somalia. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mail, Zimbabwe

Africa Agenda’s News and Blogger training is an opportunity to provide hands-on resources, tips, techniques and tools for would-be bloggers, journalists and writers to sharpen their focus as they report about a content as vast and dynamic as Africa. Our inaugural classes, conferences will focus on the following areas:

Africa Agenda founder and executive director, George Bamu leads a discussion about U.S. media coverage of the Ebola crisis at the Posner Center in Denver. Africa Agenda
  • How to Write about Africa/How not to Write about Africa
  • The Ethics of Blogging/Who is a Journalist?
  • 10 Ways U.S. reporters can better present African News
  • Top 5 Africa Stereotypes in the media
  • LinkedIn for Journalists and Bloggers
  • African Headline News in the era of Twitter and Facebook

Please check back soon for more information.