Joe Neguse (1st from left) and Nequetta Ricks (2nd from the right) at the Mesop Ethiopian restaurant in Denver
Joe Neguse (2nd from left) and Naquetta Ricks (2nd from the right) speaking at the Mesop Ethiopian restaurant in Denver Africa Agenda

November 4, the day of the midterm elections in the United States, is almost here.

As the jostling for votes goes on, we are taking a moment to tell you about a recent campaign event, featuring Joe Neguse and Naquetta Ricks.

Neguse is a running for Colorado Secretary of State, while Ricks is a candidate for the University of Colorado(CU) board of Regents.

Both candidates have been the subject of much discussion locally and nationally because of their African heritage. Recently the Denver Post, as well as Colorado Public Radio(CPR), have featured news about their background.

The September 29 event took place at the Mesop Ethiopian restaurant in Denver. It was organized by the African Women Empowerment Group (AWEG), under the auspices of the African Leadership Group.

Speaking to an enthusiastic and cheering crowd of mostly African immigrants and business people, Neguse said, if elected , he would “make it easy for people to be able to cast their ballots.”  Neguse, who was introduced by his father, a former school teacher from Eritrea, said he believes the right to vote is sacred.

“We really have a chance to be able to make history,” Neguse stated

As for Ricks, a CU alumni, she urged eligible voters in the audience to make sure they were registered to vote, if they had not already done so. By voting for the right candidates, she said, they would make a difference in the upcoming elections.

Ricks took the time to complement Neguse for his campaign for office. Neguse would make history in Colorado, she said, if he is elected.

“We have not had an African-born politician in Colorado,” she said.


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