An entertainer performs during Africa Agenda’s State of the African Continent event in 2015


Not everyone understands the dynamic, diverse and challenging nature of today’s African continent. Far removed the vestiges of the dark ages, the diseased, poverty-stricken and warring continent we often hear in the news, Africa faces challenges like any other continent. Yet it is still misunderstood by many Americans, not because it deserves misunderstanding but partly because the news about Africa focuses too much on what’s wrong with the continent.

Does the continent deserve a fair shake with the media?  Of course!

Africa Agenda wealth of resources and connections to the African continent can serve organizations of all kinds in their relations with the continent. As we continue to build we envision an Africa Sources Database to become an online link to instantly connect and link international journalists and media professionals to the dynamic, diverse, growing and young African continent. As a News and Media Consultancy our organization will work with you and answer your questions about the continent’s history, politics, economics, culture and society and how all of these fit within the African narrative in the news.