LIVE FROM AURORA, COLORADO. The second and forth Friday of every month  A CONTINENT HALF FULL  All are invited to participate!

Engaging African & American communities about African Issues.

Africa Agenda works to strengthen the accessibility of news and images of Africa to a growing network of news disseminators—journalists, partner organizations, businesses and individuals–to enable them to broaden their understanding and communication about contemporary Africa.

If you care about the things that are taking place in Africa; economic growth, democratic transition, the proliferation of the internet and other telecommunications technologies, business investment opportunities, cultural transformation and what not, this live discussion is for you.

All are invited to participate!

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Moderated by Journalist and founder of Africa Agenda, George Bamu

George Bamu is a journalist with his own niche. Bamu believes western media, especially American media, need to explain and give an account for why they are so bent on portraying Africa in negative terms. “The main stream U.S media is obsessed about trouble in Africa when current African realities speak otherwise”, he says. For his passion about African progress in the twenty first century, George Bamu thinks the time has arrived for mainstream westerm media professioanls to take a course about about African realities in the twenty first century. African media professionals, he adds, also have a responsibility to prove Afro skeptics wrong in their thinking about the continent by counteracting all the  negativity that goes on. .

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to hear the truth about Africa.