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Midterm elections: Neguse and Ricks on the steps of history

By George Bamu on October 29, 2014

Joe Neguse (1st from left) and Nequetta Ricks (2nd from the right) at the Mesop Ethiopian restaurant in Denver

Africa Agenda

Joe Neguse (2nd from left) and Naquetta Ricks (2nd from the right) speaking at the Mesop Ethiopian restaurant in Denver

November 4, the day of the midterm elections in the United States, is almost here.

As the jostling for votes goes on, we are taking a moment to tell you about a recent campaign event, featuring Joe Neguse and Naquetta Ricks.

Neguse is a running for Colorado Secretary of State, while Ricks is a candidate for the University of Colorado(CU) board of Regents.

Both candidates have been the subject of much discussion locally and nationally because of their African heritage.…

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“Africa has the potential to be a bread basket to the world,” Romanoff tells Africans in Colorado

By George Bamu on August 14, 2013

Romanoff and Dia at Carte Blanche

[Photo:African Leadership Group] Andrew Romanoff and Papa Dia at the Carte Blanche.

It is well known that former two-term Colorado house speaker, Andrew Romanoff, is challenging Republican Rep. Mike Coffman for Colorado’s 6th congressional district. But while the elections are about a year away, POLITICO has already named the race as potentially the nation’s toughest House battle of 2014.

“Romanoff has long been seen as an up-and-comer in Colorado democratic politics,” according to Meghan Verlee, who covers politics for Colorado Public Radio.

For news junkies that may be old news. But for casual observers of the increasingly diverse district, which encompasses much of Aurora, anything the candidates say or do in the lead up to the elections could be significant, one way or another.…

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Medical community leaders say education is key to quality health care

By George Bamu on June 10, 2013

ALG Health Forum

[Photo:Africa Agenda] Dr. Haftu Gebrehiwot speaking during ALG Health Forum. March, 30 Englewood, CO.

Medical practitioners are continuing the discussion of how Africans can make a difference in the U.S. health care system.

On April 28, Africa Agenda covered a story and posted audio from Part I of an event organized by the African Leadership Group, where several practitioners discussed the challenges Africans face in regards to health care in the U.S. and what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle despite these challenges.

In part 2 of the discussion, Dr. Johnny Johnson, obstetrician and gynecologist, Alok Sarwal, Ph.D., executive director at Colorado Alliance for Health Equity and Practice and Dr.…

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African community challenged to use persuasion, help navigate U.S. health care system

By George Bamu on April 28, 2013

Alok Sarwal

Johnny Johnson(M.D.) speaking during ALG Health Forum,  March 30.  Englewood, CO.

If the United States is a melting pot it is because of the diversity of immigrants in the country who come from the four corners of the globe. While this is the case, once in the America, some immigrants face more challenges than others.

It is a disparity that is evident in the health care system and often times defines how and why some communities cope and survive better than others.

Within the health care bureaucracy,  it is not just differences in culture that Africans bring with them; it is also issues of “poverty, language, racism and education” which they confront while in America.…

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ALG tackling business, immigration issues affecting Africans in Colorado

By George Bamu on December 6, 2012

The community at an ALG forum on immigration in Englewood,Co. Dec 1,2012

[/media-credit:African Leadership Group] The community at an ALG forum on immigration in Englewood,Co. Dec 1,2012

They have already held numerous workshops on business development, financial management and cultural issues which affect the African community in Colorado. Last summer the African Leadership Group (ALG) organized a golf tournament to introduce Africans to the game.

Every month the group holds a business after-hours at select locations in metro Denver at which “a large and diverse group of professionals” is invited to network and discuss socio-economic issues that affect the community.

According to ALG president, Papa Dia, a group vice-president and retail executive at BBVA Compass Bank in Denver, these are benefits that the estimated thousands of Africans in Colorado can take advantage of when they understand what the organization offers.…

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